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Indonesia stands as the largest economy in Southeast Asia, characterized by its diverse economic sectors, strategic location, and growing young population with strong purchasing power. The Indonesian government actively supports foreign investment with initiatives like the Omnibus Law, making it easier to start and operate businesses

Selaras Group provides comprehensive market entry research, helping organizations assess the viability of entering the Indonesian market. Our services include guidance on product pricing, promotional strategies, and navigating cultural nuances, ensuring a successful market penetration.

We offer services like Business License Advisory, Company Registry, Finance & Accounting Administration, and Compliance Monitoring, all designed to simplify your business operations and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Indonesia offers various incentives, including tax allowances and holidays, especially for investments in sectors and regions that align with national development goals. These incentives are aimed at boosting investment in key economic areas.

Yes, our Business License Advisory & Company Registry service streamlines the company incorporation process. This includes handling documentation, compliance, and interaction with local authorities, making the process efficient and compliant.

Our R&D service focuses on innovation compliance and risk assessment, helping businesses innovate responsibly while adhering to regulatory requirements. This ensures that innovations meet safety and legal standards.

We offer ongoing support with annual compliance, license renewals, and updates on regulatory changes. Our team ensures that your business remains compliant with the latest legal requirements and industry standards.

Indonesia’s geographical position on major international shipping routes provides unique advantages for trade and logistics, acting as a gateway between East and West and facilitating access to Asian markets.

We conduct detailed business risk assessments, considering the operations' potential hazards and the required business licenses based on the business risk level, ensuring that businesses meet local licensing requirements.

Please reach out to us through our website's contact form or directly via our office phone numbers. Our experts are ready to discuss your specific investment needs and explore tailored solutions that maximize your returns in the Indonesian market.