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Business License Advisory & Company Registry

Navigating the complexities of foreign direct investment (FDI) in new markets requires meticulous planning and strategic execution. At Selaras Group, our Business License Advisory & Company Registry service is tailored to simplify and streamline this crucial phase of your business expansion. Here’s how we break down the essentials of the process for FDI companies looking to establish or expand their presence

Procedure of the Service

Stages of Service: Steps to Know

Preliminary Consultation
  • Understanding your business model, objectives, and specific industry requirements
  • Assessing the business environment and regulatory landscape of the target market
License Identification
  • Identifying all necessary business licenses and permits required for your operation
  • Providing up-to-date information on regulatory changes that could impact your business
Documentation and Compliance
  • Assisting in the preparation and submission of all required legal documents
  • Ensuring all submissions meet local regulatory standards to avoid any compliance issues
Registry Process Management
  • Guiding you through the company registration process, from name reservation to final incorporation
  • Facilitating interactions with local authorities and governmental bodies
Post-Registration Support
  • Offering ongoing support with annual compliance, license renewals, and any regulatory updates
  • Providing insights and advice on operational and legal changes within the country

The Process

Our process is designed to be comprehensive and seamless, ensuring that your entry into new markets is as smooth and efficient as possible


Initial Assessment and Strategy Development

– We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your business needs and the regulatory requirements of the host country
– A strategic plan is developed to outline the steps needed to obtain all relevant licenses and complete the company registration


Document Preparation and Submission

– Our team assists in gathering and preparing all necessary documentation according to local laws and regulations
– We handle the submission of documents and liaise with local authorities to ensure all processes are managed correctly


Monitoring and Finalization

– We closely monitor the progress of your business registration and licensing, addressing any issues that arise during the process
– Once all licenses are obtained and the company is registered, we ensure you receive all official documentation and legal confirmations


Ongoing Compliance and Advisory

– After your business is established, our team continues to provide advisory services to ensure your company remains compliant with local regulations
– We offer updates on any legislative changes that could affect your business operations

Why Choose Selaras Group?

Stages of Service: Steps to Know

At Selaras Group, we understand that managing FDI requires not only a deep understanding of local business regulations but also a strategic approach to navigating these complexities. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your business achieves its goals with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Trust us to be your partner in global expansion, providing tailored solutions that fit your unique business needs.


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