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Entity Establishment

Regulatory Compliance

Directorship/Nominee Assignment

Licensing & Permit Registration

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Fulfil Administrative Task & Obligations

Our international experts are always refining the procedures, equipment, and services that support you in providing more robust and efficient operations. Working with us allows your staff to focus on what they do best: making time for one another. Let us examine the specifics. You focus on the overall situation

Keep Up with Changing Regulations

Our personnel are deployed in more than 10 nations. We integrate ASEAN countries & globally enabled technology and global services with the regulatory knowledge of local industry professionals to ensure that you stay ahead of emerging regulations and always stay on top of your obligations, no matter where you conduct business

Integrating Complex Business Structures

By combining all of your business with one partner and adopting a standard working and reporting methodology, collaborating with Selaras allows you to do away with the various local partners you already deal with. As a result, your organization will have more control, better and more accurate information, and increased compliance and clarity 

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Experience Excellence: Unveiling the Reasons Behind Selaras Group’s Industry Leadership and Client Trust

With a committed group of international specialists situated in the appropriate time zone, we provide you command and assist in establishing global alignment throughout your company

Our highly qualified team of global compliance professionals consists of specialized company secretarial experts with experience in over 10 countries

Our worldwide framework agreement, along with our transparent, fixed-fee pricing model, is tailored for multinational corporations seeking control, consistency, and ease with their budgets


Nurturing Growth, One Idea at a Time

Dive into our most recent research, trends, and insights on the Indonesia market. Gain unique insights into market dynamics, investment methods, and possibilities that might help you rethink your investment strategy