R&D Risk Assessment and Innovation Compliance

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R&D Risk Assessment and Innovation Compliance

Risk management is essential in the dynamic sector of research and development (R&D) to support innovation and guarantee adherence to changing regulatory requirements. Our services for innovation compliance and R&D risk assessment are made to handle these complexity, allowing your business to innovate responsibly and with confidence. We ensure that your innovations not only lead the market but also meet the strictest safety and legal criteria by offering comprehensive risk evaluations and compliance plans that are in line with industry best practices and legal regulations. We provide these specialist services to assist your strategic investment and development goals as a part of Selaras Group, a full-service FDI consulting organization. We become your partner in innovation and perfection in compliance.

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Business Risk Assessment

In accordance with Government Regulation 5 of 2021, business licenses in Indonesia are granted in accordance with the "business risk level," which is established by the possible risks connected to the operations of the firm. This calls for a thorough risk analysis that includes defining the company activity, evaluating the degree of hazard, figuring out the risk, and figuring out what kind of business license is needed. Higher-risk enterprises are subject to more rigorous licensing regulations, whereas lower-risk businesses enjoy more relaxed licensing requirements

Legal Compliance

When establishing a business in Indonesia, ensuring legal compliance is a key component of risk assessment. This entails acquiring several licenses and permits based on the sector and particular commercial operations. Compliance includes adhering to industry-specific norms, employment laws, and environmental restrictions

Financial Compliance

Evaluations of financial risk are also essential, especially for making sure that capital needs are fulfilled. There are minimal capital investment thresholds that must be met for foreign-owned businesses (PT PMA). Financial practices also need to follow Indonesian tax rules and regulations


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