Market Entry and Investment Consulting Firm

Expand and Grow your Business with us. We provide strategic consulting for your investments and provide various services to companies, investors and individuals doing business in Indonesia. From remote hiring to setting up local operations, we can help.

  • Company incorporation times starting from four working days
  • Manage and track your registrations and employees online using our web application
  • Test new markets faster and get the same services across our offices in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines

Helping companies expand to Indonesia Easily

We want you to focus on your business. Let us deal with all the hassles of administrative and legal works and you focus on growing your business.

Strategic Consulting

Companies Setup

Talent Solutions and Management

Tax and Accounting

Trade - Export & Import

Get local support on the ground

Are you looking to hire a remote team in Indonesia? Get in touch with us and let us find the best remote teammates for your company to thrive.


Why Choose Us


We provide consultations with our specialists regarding business and investment laws in Indonesia.

Investment Consulting and Strategy

We are here to give assistance if you plan to purchase a property, office, or invest in different sectors in Indonesia.


We help our clients to find the right and reliable sourcing partner to outsource their needs and product processing, factory and consulting services and partners in Indonesia so that our clients can focus on their business productivity and expansion.


We are here to listen to your needs and we are eager to collaborate with companies either local or international in order to reach mutual benefit and maximize our productivity.

Let’s discuss how we can help and support your business to grow in Indonesia.

Get in touch with Selaras by filling in the form below and our consultants will reach out to you within a few working hours.

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